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FPGA Blackminer F2

FPGA Blackminer F2

Blackminer F2 contains two hashboards, which upgrades the hardware design of the previous Blackminer product series.

€ 1,303.28


Delivery time (shipped:Shipping in 7-10 working days after full payment

No power supply included.

The power supply requirements: DC 12V output, power greater than 1400W.

Blackminer F2 continues the stable and powerful performance of Blackminer F1-Ultra, and improves the structure of the equipment. The new model has a more reasonable stress and heat dissipation, which enables longer service life.

By applying new core chip, some algorithms are optimized and improved.

(Note: The published algorithm performance will fluctuate by ±5%.)


Power Supply:DC 12V

Power:Supply power >1400W is recommended

Volume:430mm × 290mm × 240mm(with package)

360mm x 140mm x 200mm (bare)


Operating ambient temperature:-20℃ ~ 30℃

Miner Purchase

1. Blackminer F2 priced and sold in Euro or US dollars. BTC/USDT/DGB are accepted as payment. The BTC price is according to CoinDesk BPI real-time exchange rate settlement.

2. The order can not be cancelled after customer completes the order and pays the order successfully.

3. Customer can request to send the mining machine to the designated address after payment.

4. Customer can choose to host the machine in the official data center. The machines are managed and maintained by professionals.

5. Customer can suspend the hosting at any time, and the machine can be sent to the designated location at any time.

Miner Deployment

1. The initial algorithm package of the miner is based on the sales announcement.

2. Merkury completes the deployment and testing of the miner within 2 hours after customer completes the order and pays successfully. (Pre-orders don't conform to this policy)

Miner Management

1.Customer can configure the miner after the order is completed.

2. Customer can configure algorithm and pool information.

3. The successful mining configuration of the miner will take effect immediately.

4. If customer has several miners, customer can choose to manage the miners by group.

Electricity and Maintenance Fees

1. Daily maintenance fee: € 1.98 (0.075x24x1.1=1.98)

2. Maintenance fees are deducted from the user balance at UTC 08:00 per day.

3. If the user's balance is not enough to pay the maintenance bill, the system automatically deducts the fees through the user credit limit.

4. The user credit limit is two week's maintenance charge.

5. If the user credit limit is exhausted, Merkury has the right to shut down the miner.

The products are only sold outside mainland China.



Nexus 2.35 GH/s 800 W
0xtoken 27.4 Gh/s 885 W
ZP 27.86 GH/s 856 W
Amoveo 51.24 GH/s 835 W
DigiByte(odocrypt) 6.6 GH/s 1202 W
K12 65.88 Gh/s 912 W
kadena 67.6 Gh/s 682 W
tellor 9.99 Gh/s 712 W
qitmeer 29.0 Gh/s 911 W
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