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X11 - Algorithm Mining Contract


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X11, a hashing algorithm created by Dash core developer Evan Duffield in 2014, was well received by the mining community due to its energy-efficiency when mining with a home rig. It is more complicated than a SHA​-256 algorithm, which prevented the use of ASIC miners for a time. The algorithm uses 11 different hashes, hence the name, making it one safest and most advanced hashes in use by cryptocurrencies today.


Minable Coins:

Dash Dash [DASH]

XeniosCoin XeniosCoin [XNC]

LQX Coin LQX Coin [LQX]

Waltonchain Waltonchain [WTC]

StakeCubeCoin StakeCubeCoin [SCC]

Euno Euno [EUNO]

Kyanite Kyanite [KYAN]

Sibcoin Sibcoin [SIB]

Startcoin Startcoin [START]

Cannabiscoin Cannabiscoin [CANN]

Helpico Helpico [HELP]

Axe Axe [AXE]

Bolivarcoin Bolivarcoin [BOLI]

Veles Veles [VLS]

Pyrk Pyrk [PYRK]

Omega Coin Omega Coin [OMEGA]

Arion Coin Arion Coin [ARION]

Globaltoken Globaltoken [GLT]

ImageCash ImageCash [IMGC]


RuxCrypto RuxCrypto [RXC]

Unitus Unitus [UIS]

Adv. Tech. Coin Adv. Tech. Coin [ARC]

Wildfire Wildfire [WDF]

KZCash KZCash [KZC]

QnodeCoin QnodeCoin [QNC]

FuturoCoin FuturoCoin [FTO]

VirtacoinPlus VirtacoinPlus [XVP]

Levocoin Levocoin [LEVO]

PvPCoin PvPCoin [PVP]

Swipp Coin Swipp Coin [SWP]

iCash iCash [ICASH]

GraniteCoin GraniteCoin [GRN]

LKS Coin LKS Coin [LKS]

Safecrex Safecrex [SFCX]

Xazab Xazab [XAZAB]

WAY-F coin WAY-F coin [WAYF]

HealthCareCoin HealthCareCoin [HCC]

ImageCoin ImageCoin [IMG]

BrixCoin BrixCoin [BRIX]

Emrals Emrals [EMRALS]

BitcoinGem BitcoinGem [BGEM]

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