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The best online wallets

Merkury follows certain criteria before advising you which are the right choices.

  • How easy is a wallet to use?

We want everyone to be able to get to know this world and therefore easy portfolio management is very important.

  • How many operations can I make and how many commissions are there?

The wallet should guarantee you free operations or in any case you need to know the costs before signing up for certain services. In general, virtual wallets can have management costs when you load or withdraw, but it is difficult for the wallet to create commissions. On the other hand, it may happen that a cost per operation is on the platform where you do cryptocurrency exchanges.

  • How much data can a wallet record?

Even if you pay little attention to it, a wallet always has a certain data limit, after which everything is overwritten. In cryptocurrencies, however, there is always a trace of the operations you have made. Hence, it is important to understand how the virtual wallet makes backup copies, when to make them, etc.

Do you need help ?

We at Merkury are happy to help you. Contact us and you will receive all the information you need.

  • What are the best online services that offer a wallet?

To date, there are numerous websites that make a personal wallet available to users. One of the most important in terms of security is eToro, also known as an online trading platform. Below we can recommend Coinbase where you can connect your current account and start with the purchase of Bitcoin. Later, by changing the subscription plan, you can switch to the cryptocurrency exchange.

Last, but not least, Binance, a favorite trading platform for many. You can also buy your crypto with a credit card and it offers a wallet with a high level of security.

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