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Choosing the best cryptocurrency exchange is essential, especially in consideration of the overall investment value and your operational needs.

What are exchanges?

Cryptocurrency exchanges are platforms where coins can be exchanged.

The most common exchanges take place between FIAT currency (Euro, Dollar, etc.) for a cryptocurrency. The amount of cryptocurrency that will be obtained will be given by its current value. Let's not forget that you have to pay transaction fees. (Reported in the exchange information) ...

Once the exchange is complete, you can send the cryptocurrency to a wallet. The exchanges that we recommend today are currently the best in terms of security, manageability and trading, they also offer you an integrated wallet in your account and you will have complete management of your investments.

The exchanges recommended by Merkury

Let's start with BINANCE, the largest international cryptocurrency exchange, with its own crypto BNB present in the top 10 positions of the most important rankings.

You will have a wallet in your account where you will receive the cryptocurrencies. You also have the possibility to exchange FIAT currency with over 130 cryptocurrencies at an operational cost of approximately 0.1%.

In addition to the possibility of trading and investments of various kinds, one of the strong points of Binance is the possibility of obtaining cryptocurrency using a credit card without the need to connect a current account.

Binance exchange


COINBASE, is simply the best known exchange in the world for the exchange of cryptocurrencies.

Thanks to the ease of use of its platform, it has gained enormous success and represents one of the main services for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies and trading.

After registering, you will have an integrated wallet in your account and you can start making operations and investments using your current account.

Coinbase works daily to ensure the MAXIMUM security of your account in order to protect your investments, it is also on the market with competitive commissions between 0.15 (maker) and 0.25% (taker).



Another really interesting reality that we have decided to present to you is KUKOIN.

It is a platform based in HongKong and a team of international experts.

KUKOIN supports over 200 cryptocurrencies and has some of the most advantageous commissions and general costs on the market, in fact, the depositors of some cryptocurrencies are not subject to commissions: depositing is totally free. As for the commissions for trading or buying and selling cryptocurrencies within the platform, they are 0.1% of the total order.

To conclude, KUKOIN is a great choice for daily trading, has very low commission and excellent security. But having a tendency to liquidity low, we do not recommend it for a high trading volume.

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BITTREX, another exchange recommended by us which brings as its great strength a very low commission price, but also a high level of security guaranteed by the request for personal data.

The deposit of money can be done by wire transfer, credit / debit cards or cryptocurrencies, which makes using Bittrex very simple.

It is also possible to opt for trading operations with altcoins, thus managing to maintain anonymity during the operations. In this way it will be possible to resort to a partial identity verification.
The deposit of money can be done by wire transfer, credit / debit cards or cryptocurrencies, which makes using Bittrex very simple.

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