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ūüöÄ Scrypt ‚õŹ Cloud Hash Miner ūüíį...

ūüöÄ Scrypt ‚õŹ Cloud Hash Miner ūüíį Algorithm Mining Contract

Avaible Hash Power: 36.2171 TH/s

Active Miner: 81377

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Scrypt, a memory intensive algorithm, is used by many cryptocurrencies as Proof of Work. Scrypt mining is usually performed using GPUs rather than CPUs, since they have more processing power, ideal to handle the large memory requirements of Scrypt. From May 2014, specialized ASIC mining hardware is available for Scrypt based cryptocurrencies.


Minable Coins:

Dogecoin Dogecoin [DOGE]

Litecoin Litecoin [LTC]

DigiByte DigiByte [DGB]

Verge Verge [XVG]

Lynx Lynx [LYNX]

EarthCoin EarthCoin [EAC]

Viacoin Viacoin [VIA]

FolgoryCoin FolgoryCoin [FLG]

Fedoracoin Fedoracoin [TIPS]

Myriad Myriad [XMY]

Einsteinium Einsteinium [EMC2]

GoldCoin GoldCoin [GLC]

FlorinCoin FlorinCoin [FLO]

Auroracoin Auroracoin [AUR]

e-Gulden e-Gulden [EFL]

42-coin 42-coin [42]

NewYorkCoin NewYorkCoin [NYC]

Snatcoin Snatcoin [SNAT]

Emerald Crypto Emerald Crypto [EMD]

WorldCoin WorldCoin [WDC]

Fastcoin Fastcoin [FST]

MoonCoin MoonCoin [MOON]

Quasarcoin Quasarcoin [QAC]

Aryacoin Aryacoin [AYA]

Trollcoin Trollcoin [TROLL]

Smileycoin Smileycoin [SMLY]

Canada eCoin Canada eCoin [CDN]

Novacoin Novacoin [NVC]

Bitcoin-sCrypt Bitcoin-sCrypt [BTCS]

Note Blockchain Note Blockchain [NTBC]

Versacoin Versacoin [VCN]

Shield Shield [XSH]

Metal Music Coin Metal Music Coin [MTLMC3]

BitMark BitMark [MARKS]

Netm Netm [NTM]

ParallelCoin ParallelCoin [DUO]

NasdaCoin NasdaCoin [NSD]

BitBar BitBar [BTB]

Litecoin Plus Litecoin Plus [LCP]

CheeseCoin CheeseCoin [CHEESE]

Bitcoin Fast Bitcoin Fast [BCF]

GeyserCoin GeyserCoin [GSR]

TheHolyRogerCoin TheHolyRogerCoin [ROGER]

GCN Coin GCN Coin [GCN]

Tagcoin Tagcoin [TAG]

Strayacoin Strayacoin [NAH]

Veles Veles [VLS]

ButKoin ButKoin [BUT]

LiteBar LiteBar [LTB]

AdvancedInternetBlock AdvancedInternetBlock [AIB]

Pyrk Pyrk [PYRK]

Mincoin Mincoin [MNC]

iBitHub iBitHub [IBH]

Globaltoken Globaltoken [GLT]

SorachanCoin SorachanCoin [SORA]

Quebecoin Quebecoin [QBC]


Scholarship Coin Scholarship Coin [SCHO]

GrandCoin GrandCoin [GDC]

SpartanCoin SpartanCoin [SPN]

PaymentCoin PaymentCoin [POD]

AndesCoin AndesCoin [ANDES]

NeetCoin NeetCoin [NEET]

Safe SeaFood Safe SeaFood [SSF]

Australia Cash Australia Cash [AUS]

Zerozed Zerozed [X0Z]

BitcoinMoney BitcoinMoney [BCM]

MelonHeads MelonHeads [MHSP]

Ubiquitium Ubiquitium [UQB]

FireAnts FireAnts [ANTS]

ArtByte ArtByte [ABY]

Marscoin Marscoin [MARS]

Sumcoin Sumcoin [SUM]

Nyancoin Nyancoin [NYAN]

Linx Linx [LINX]

SongCoin SongCoin [SONG]

LunaCoin LunaCoin [LUNA]

CampusCoin CampusCoin [CC]

BADcoin BADcoin [BAD]

United SciFi United SciFi [SCIFI]

FCKcoin FCKcoin [FCK]

Sakuracoin Sakuracoin [SKR]

CommuterCoin CommuterCoin [CMCN]

NewEnglandCoin NewEnglandCoin [NENG]

Blazecoin Blazecoin [BLZ]

Aricoin Aricoin [ARI]

Chaucha Chaucha [CHA]

WayaWolfCoin WayaWolfCoin [WW]

BitGem BitGem [BTG]

Dingocoin Dingocoin [DINGO]

BottleCapsPlus BottleCapsPlus [CAPS]

Kronecoin Kronecoin [KRONE]

BlazerCoin BlazerCoin [BLAZR]

Bitvaluta Bitvaluta [BTV]

FloripaCoin FloripaCoin [FLN]

FreakChain FreakChain [FREAK]

Bunnycoin Bunnycoin [BUN]

Trinity Trinity [TTY]

FlapXCoin FlapXCoin [FLAPX]

ScooterCoin ScooterCoin [SCOOT]

Browncoin Browncoin [BRWN]

Cubic Cubic [CUBIC]

Rosecoin Rosecoin [ROC]

CubicverseCoin CubicverseCoin [CC]

Icolcoin Icolcoin [ICOL]

ConnectiCoin ConnectiCoin [CTC]

Doriancoin Doriancoin [DSV]

Minidoge Minidoge [MINU]

BitcoinFlex BitcoinFlex [BFX]

BarrelCrudeCoin BarrelCrudeCoin [BCC]


Defcoin Defcoin [DFC]

GameCoin GameCoin [GME]

CryptoEscudo CryptoEscudo [CESC]

Bitocoin Bitocoin [BTO]

Bitblocks Bitblocks [XBB]

DogeGold DogeGold [DOGEG]

CoinBe CoinBe [CNBE]

CFNcoin CFNcoin [CFN]

LeefCoin LeefCoin [LFC]

SimpleChain SimpleChain [SIPC]

Argentum Argentum [ARG]

Pesetacoin Pesetacoin [PTC]

SexCoin SexCoin [SXC]

Bata Bata [BTA]

DarkSaga DarkSaga [SAGA]

HFRcoin HFRcoin [HFR]

IrishCoin IrishCoin [IRL]

DigitalEuro DigitalEuro [DEURO]

Beyondcoin Beyondcoin [BYND]

Oracol Oracol [XOR]

Thorcoin Thorcoin [THOR]

FlutterCoin FlutterCoin [FLT]

SelaCoin SelaCoin [SELA]

VoltPotCoin VoltPotCoin [VPC]

Ethros Ethros [EHS]

RonPaulCoin RonPaulCoin [RPC]

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