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🚀 NeoScrypt ⛏ Cloud Hash Miner 💰 Algorithm Mining Contract

Avaible Hash Power: 0.6675 GH/s

Active Miner: 257

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Announced in June 2014, NeoScrypt is Proof of Work (PoW) algorithm that is derived from the original Scrypt algorithm. NeoScrypt is cryptographically stronger, is less memory intensive and designed to be ASIC resistant.


Minable Coins:

Xaya Xaya [CHI]

Feathercoin Feathercoin [FTC]


Phoenixcoin Phoenixcoin [PXC]

Orbitcoin Orbitcoin [ORB]

Mogwaicoin Mogwaicoin [MOG]

TrezarCoin TrezarCoin [TZC]

GoByte GoByte [GBX]

IQ.cash IQ.cash [IQ]

Guncoin Guncoin [GUN]

Globaltoken Globaltoken [GLT]

SparksPay SparksPay [SPK]

ZeroOneCoin ZeroOneCoin [ZOC]

Nyxcoin Nyxcoin [NYX]

Dinero Dinero [DIN]


LuckyBit LuckyBit [LUCKY]

Desire Desire [DSR]

Halcyon Halcyon [HAL]

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