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🚀 Lyra2REv2 ⛏ Cloud Hash Miner 💰 Algorithm Mining Contract

Avaible Hash Power: 0.0092 TH/s

Active Miner: 7

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Lyra2REv2 is the version two of the Lyra2RE algorithm, which was developed by the Vertcoin team for Vertcoin (VTC) cryptocurrency. The 'RE' stands for 'Reduced Efficiency'. On 10th August 2015, Vertcoin forked from Lyra2RE to Lyra2REv2, in order to favor GPU miners, after a single CPU-based botnet was controlling the majority of the network's hash power. It is an ASIC resistant chain based algorithm and uses six different hash functions; Keccak, Cubehash, Skein, Blue Midnight Wish, Blake and Lyra2.


Minable Coins:

Verge Verge [XVG]

Monacoin Monacoin [MONA]

Shield Shield [XSH]

Absolute Absolute [ABS]

Unitus Unitus [UIS]

Straks Straks [STAK]

Scribe Scribe [SCRIBE]

Argentum Argentum [ARG]

Kreds Kreds [KREDS]

Shilling Shilling [SH]

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