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Avaible Hash Power: 53.3126 TH/s

Active Miner: 610589

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Dagger-Hashimoto, designed by Vitalik Buterin and the Ethereum team, is an initial version of the Ethash Proof of Work algorithm. It combines the primary features of both the Hashimoto algorithm and the Dagger algorithm. The Dagger part of the algorithm allows it to achieve memory-hard computations, the Hashimoto part effectively prevents ASIC mining. The Dagger-Hashimoto and Ethash algorithms have since been updated separately and are no longer considered to be the algorithm.

Ethash is a hashing algorithm used in Ethereum-based blockchain currencies. It is the successor to Dagger Hashimoto, designed to be ASIC resistant. The algorithm is memory intensive, which deters from specialized ASIC hardware being an effective mining solution.


Minable Coins:

Ethereum Ethereum [ETH]

Ethereum Classic Ethereum Classic [ETC]

Zilliqa Zilliqa [ZIL]

QuarkChain QuarkChain [QKC]


Callisto Network Callisto Network [CLO]

Metaverse Metaverse [ETP]

Etho Protocol Etho Protocol [ETHO]

Expanse Expanse [EXP]

EtherGem EtherGem [EGEM]

Teslafunds Teslafunds [TSF]

Ellaism Ellaism [ELLA]

Atheios Atheios [ATH]

Nekonium Nekonium [NUKO]

Nilu Nilu [NILU]

Perkle Perkle [PRKL]

EtherSocial EtherSocial [ESN]

DubaiCoin DubaiCoin [DBIX]

Akroma Akroma [AKA]

Xerom Xerom [XERO]

Pegascoin Pegascoin [PGC]

Joys Digital Joys Digital [JOYS]

CheapETH CheapETH [CTH]

REOSC Ecosystem REOSC Ecosystem [REOSC]

Yocoin Yocoin [YOC]

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